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Secure Connectivity

Secure LC connector
Secure SC Connector
Secure RJ45 connector
Secure Connectivity Description
Secure Locking LC Connector

OFP's Patented Secure Connectivity Products cover the most common fiber connector types: LC, SC, and RJ45. The connectors use a proprietary physical locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access or changes to ports. Once the connector is inserted into the port, it can only be removed with a matching color-coded key. This added dimension of physical security is especially useful in Military, Federal, Healthcare, Co Lo Data Centers, or WAN/LAN networks. The products help control network changes and create demarcations for network administrators. 

The entire product range is extremely easy to use and requires no formal training. No changes are required to patch-panels or port hardware. Tamper-proof cabling can be delivered by simple retro-fitting OFP's secure patchcords to pre-existing network ports. 

Secure Connector Advantages
  • When the connectors are pushed into a port, they are 'tamper-proof' and can only be unplugged with a Key Tool. This prevents unauthorized or accidental network interruptions. 

  • Each color-coded connector has a custom design, meaning each has a unique mechanical key-way. For example, only a "blue" key can open a "blue" connector.

  • Each connector also has an Administration Extraction Keytool, meaning it will undo all key-ways. 

  • Each connector series features Port Blockers, or 'dummy plugs,' which can be used to ensure all empty ports in a network can be accessed without proper authority. 

  • The LC Fiber optic Secure Connectors feature a special dust-cap that has to be put on to the connector to remove the Extraction Tool - ensuring proper cleanliness discipline. 

  • The connectors fully meet IEC & TIA connector interface standards and deliver excellent performance.

  • The LC series has a clip-on Extraction Tool Extender to help access and remove connectors deep in high density patchpanels without disturbing the cabling in adjacent ports. 

Secure LC connectors
Secure Locking SC Connector
Secure LC Connector
Secure Locking RJ45
Secure RJ45 Connector
Secure LC Demo Video
Secure RJ45 Demo Video
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