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Stay up to date with OFP's latest product developments, exhibition attendances, special announcements, and more!


November 2023

September 2023

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May 2023

OFP's team raises money for REACH Community Projects through a bake sale. REACH is a local food bank charity serving the Haverhill community. In December, OFP's team will hold another bake sale with proceeds going to the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

OFP debuts its ‘ultra rugged’ Metal Duplex LC connectors for use in OFP’s IP-68 environmentally protected products. The Duplex Metal LC is also compatible with OFP’s newly launched military grade HMA Expanded Beam to LC adaptors.

OFP introduces its high fiber count Vacuum Feedthrough products. Read more on our "Fiber Optics Feedthroughs " page. 

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May 2023

OFP introduces Space Grade FC connectors and fiber assemblies. Read more on our "Fiber Optic Assemblies" page. 

March 2023

OFP Ltd is to present a HIGHLY RELIABLE FIBER OPTIC HERMETIC SOLUTIONS FOR SUBMARINE APPLICATIONS paper at the world largest submarine telecommunications conference and exhibition in March.

Abstract: To support ever growing demands of transmission data and increased bandwidth, higher numbers of transmission channels in each submarine cable are required. Also, new submarine systems installed at greater ocean depths of at least 8,000 m need to survive longer times in the event of a cut cable. This paper discusses hermetic solutions for growing numbers of fiber pairs in compact form factor with practically unlimited reliability.

April 2022

OFP has successfully passed its ISO 9001 re-certification audit with no conformance issues or areas for improvement. OFP is now certified to ISO 9001 standards through February 2025. 

January 2022

OFP is proud to become a member of the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance).

July 2021

OFP are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution partnership with SamTra for the Korean market.

December 2020

Electrical Hermetic Feedthroughs are now available from OFP, the world’s largest producer of fiber optic hermetic seals and fiber connectivity products.


We have put together a team of veterans in the electro-hermetic field at our Haverhill, UK location. Production will begin in December of this year, and we will be expanding our capabilities further into 2021.


March 2020

OFP had a great time exhibiting at OFC 2020 in San Diego, California. We presented some new technologies, such as our micro-collimators, micro-isolators, lensed mil contacts, and hermetic micro-isolators. 

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September 2017

OFP will attend the largest conference and exhibition on optical communication in Europe, ECOC in Sweden. The venue will be an ideal opportunity to meet with its key customers and to present new technologies including new integrated products for high speed optical communication and enterprise applications.

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July 2017

Founder and Director Richard Durrant confirms he will move from a non-Executive to Executive role at OFP to support the continued growth and expansion of OFP.


February 2017

OFP celebrates its first anniversary following a highly successful year. Having grown from just 26 to 115 employees over the 12 month period, the business is expanding into new markets to support nuclear, sensing and industrial applications with its products, whilst strengthening supply and manufacturing partnerships in the US and Asia.

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April 2016

OFP Corporation is formed, operating out of Chicago, IL to better service OFP’s growing North American customers and an expanding US market.

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February 2016

Optical Fiber Packaging, (OFP) a management ‘carve out’ from the highly successful business AFP opens its doors for business, to provide continuity to the teams loyal and valued Telecom and Enterprise customers for Specialty Fiber Optic products. With volume production from day one, and ongoing engineering development of its unique ‘packaging’ and component capabilities, OFP gets off to a flying start.

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