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Electrical Feedthroughs

Standard 1 & 2 Pin

The OFP Hermetic Electrical product line (hermetic feedthroughs, penetrators, and connectors) was developed to withstand prolonged exposure to aggressive media such as oil, mud, chemicals and salt water through the use of proprietary glass-to-metal hermetic seal technology (GTMS). The products are qualified to perform reliably under prolonged exposure to temperatures from -55° C to +300° C and pressures up to 40,000 psi, making them an ideal solution for space or subsea/downhole environments.

The hermetic feedthroughs are easily installed in wellheads, manifolds, pipes, pressure vessels, and in ROV/UUV.  Highly reliable penetrators, feedthroughs, and connectors are available in single and multi-pin configurations. OFP’s experienced and agile design team offers bespoke solutions to customer demands.

Dual Pin Electrical Feedthrough

Key Features

  • Use of a Glass To Metal Seal (GTMS)

  • Resistant to extreme pressures (40,000 psi)

  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-55° C to    + 300° C) 

  • Suitable for harsh environment applications

  • Value added cabling, boots, O-rings, and custom packaging

Hybrid (Fiber + Electrical)
Penetrators and Assemblies

OFP's electrical feedthroughs, penetrators, and connectors are also built in hybrid form: meaning with electrical pins and fiber optics in the same housing. These assemblies resist up to 30,000 psi, and work in temperature ranges from - 55° C to          + 200° C.

The hybrid assemblies utilize the same Glass to Metal Sealing technology as OFP's high fiber count assemblies (up to 72 fibers) and regular electrical pin assemblies. All types of fibers can be used, such as SM (singlemode), MM (multimode), PM (Polarization Maintaining), and Rad Hard. 

Both standard and custom assemblies are available. As with our all-electrical feedthroughs, the hybrid versions are still suitable for harsh environment use.  

Hybrid Fiber Optic and Electrical Penetrator

Key Features

  • Use of Glass to Metal Seal (GTMS) for both electrical pins and fiber optics

  • Both standard and custom products available 

  • Use of SM, MM, PM, or Rad Hard fiber 

  • Can integrate multiple pins and multiple fibers

  • Pressure resistance up to 30,000 psi 

  • Temperature range from -55° C to + 200° C

Custom HTHP 

OFP’s hermetic electrical products are designed for ultra-high vacuum environments enabling transmission in and out of the vacuum chamber with low outgassing rates to ensure that no sensitive equipment is damaged.

These high performance penetrators, feedthroughs, and connectors are available in single and multi-pin configurations, as well as integrated into port plates and conflat (CF) flanges.

Custom HTHP Electrical Feedthrough

Key Features

  • Completely safe for UHV environments

  • Cleaned/baked for practically no outgassing

  • Wide operating temperatures

  • Custom or industry standard designs

  • Value added cabling, boots, O-rings, and custom packaging

  • Hybrid electro-optical assemblies

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