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Fiber Optic Feedthroughs

Submarine Telecom

OFP is the world’s leading specialist supplier of high performance, high reliability optical feedthrough assemblies for all the leading manufacturers of commercial “submarine telecom” repeaters and branching units.

Designed to withstand the deepest ocean depths while assuring more than 30 years life expectancy OFP’s feedthroughs are designed to integrate with multiple sealing options into repeaters and branching units with very small space limitations.

Fiber counts for OFP’s assemblies typically range from 12 to 72 fibers in one compact footprint, thus enabling our customers to increase the number of fiber pairs without changing proven flange designs.

Submarine Telecom Feedthrough

Key Features

  • High-pressure rating (hydraulic and gas) up to 12,500 psi

  • 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 64 and 72 fibers in a single feedthrough assembly

  • Super low IL (Typ. 0.05 dB) and TDL (Typ. 0.03 dB)

  • High Voltage conductor protection

  • Full Qualification and FAT capabilities

  • Fast scaling to volume production

Penetrators and Assemblies

OFP benefits from more than 20 years’ experience with specialized glass-to-metal seal technology to produce the world’s most reliable fiber optic feedthroughs and harnesses. These product lines have been engineered and rigorously qualified specifically for wellhead and subsea applications and can be supplied with optical connectors and/or installed into flanges for wellhead apparatus. OFP’s feedthroughs and harnesses usually contain up to 24 fibers, can be provided as hybrid (electro /optical) solutions, and are supplied with all connector types specified by our customers.

With full qualification/FAT capabilities and 10^(-10) ppm leak rates, all assemblies easily withstand aggressive media and temperatures (-20 C to +85 C and up to 15 kpsi) found in subsea applications. IL is guaranteed as less than 0.25 dB per fiber channel with no ORL penalty.

Wellhead/Subsea Penetrator

Key Features

  • SMF, ZBL, MMF fibers with HMT/XMT, PI coatings                       

  • Typical fiber count: 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 in a feedthrough

  • From 1 to 8 electrical wires

  • Maximum test pressures up to 32 kpsi

  • Any harness lengths, cable types, ribbons, single fibers

  • Any Connectors - LC, ST, MT, Dry Mate, etc.

  • Swagelok, HiP fitting, O-ring, C-ring, or welded mounting

  • Any sizes, channel count, opto-electrical hybrids and custom flanges

Downhole HTHP

OFP is proud to be the leading supplier of high-temperature and high-pressure fiber optic penetrators and feedthroughs to nearly every major oil and gas company worldwide. Our assemblies have a FIT rate of <0.34 and have been qualified by over 20 customers.

Every assembly is specially engineered to withstand life-time exposure to aggressive media such as gas, oil, mud, chemicals and salt water and fast temperature/pressure variations. Helium leak rates are less than 10-10 ppm, and parts are qualified with hydraulic and Nitrogen/He high gas tests.

Downhole High Temperature High Pressure Fiber Optic Feedthrough
Downhole High Temperature High Pressure Fiber Optic Feedthrough

Key Features

  • -40, +204 C typical, up to 27,500 psi operation

  • SMF, ZBL, MMF fibers with HMT/XMT, PI coatings   

  • Typical fiber count: 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8                        

  • Max IL of 0.25 dB IL and no ORL penalty

  • Mountings typically Swagelok, HiP fitting, or C-ring

  • Uniquely available for both single and dual direction operation

  • Custom sizes, channel counts, opto-electrical hybrids and flange options

Fiber Optic Vacuum Feedthroughs

OFP’s ‘In-line’ HVac Feedthroughs feature truly hermetic glass to glass to metal (GTGTM) sealing technology that has been proven to have superior performance and reliability over traditional resin seals in a wide range of challenging applications.

Our compact multi-fiber technology allows for up to 96 fibers to be hermetically sealed through a single vacuum flange in very high density configurations. All types of Multimode, Singlemode and PM fibers can be sealed with outstanding insertion loss and return loss performance.

vacuum 2.png

Key Features

  • CF63, CF16 sizes standard. Custom  arrangements on request

  • Supplied with copper seals & fastening bolts

  • From 1F to 96F designs available

  • SMF, PMF & MM fibers or mix

  • Wavelengths from 400 nm to 2,000 nm

  • Ultra low insertion loss GTGTM technology with high PER on PM fibers

  • Hermeticity fully FAT tested before delivery; Helium leak method or hydraulic

  • Compact Hybrid optical and electrical power designs available

Telco & Enterprise
Device Hermetics

OFP designs, develops and manufactures in high volumes, custom hermetic fiber coupling assemblies for both pigtailed and pluggable opto-electronic packages. Application examples include, laser and detector devices, SOA’s, ROADM’s and many high-speed transceiver types.

OFP’s hermetic feedthrough assemblies are additionally supplied with some suitable "coupling" features for efficient fiber alignment to the PIC, grating, internal free space optics, or directly to the optical chip’s.

Telecom and Enterprise Fiber Optic Device Hermetics

Key Features

  • Single fiber, Dual fiber, Ribbon fiber

  • SM, MM & PM or mixes

  • Application wavelengths 405nm -1990nm

  • FVA structures (127um & 250um)

  • Hermetic receptacles (TROSA)

  • Lid-less low profile FVA structures

  • Glass pucks

  • Lensed or cleaved fibers (4 deg- 52 deg)

  • AR Coating

  • TIR high reflectance coatings

  • High temp assemblies designed for solder ‘reflow’

  • CRYO assemblies

Hybrid Penetrators
and Assemblies

In 2012, due to strong customer demand, OFP started manufacturing our first hybrid optical, plus electrical, penetrators for submarine environments, engineered to withstand life-time exposure to the deepest ocean depths.

Our feedthroughs can use any type of fiber and electrical components together in the same assembly.


All components are fully qualified and tested to ensure failure-free operation.

Hybrid Fiber Optic and Electrical Penetrator

Key Features

  • -40C to +85 C, up to 15,000 psi operation

  • Typical fiber count: 1, 12 and 24 with 1-2 electrical conductors

  • 10-10 ppm Helium leak rates

  • Qualification and testing hydraulic and gas - nitrogen and helium

  • Less than 0.25 dB IL and no ORL penalty

  • Inconel, Stainless Steel and Titanium

  • Custom flanges and full assemblies are provided

  • Single and dual operation direction

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