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Fiber Optic Connectors

Micro Expanded Beam (MEB)

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OFP’s new Micro Expanded Beam technology is uniquely available in all industry generic connectors with standard zirconia ceramic ferrules. OFP provides the technology to add 125um OD singlemode collimators directly to the fiber end-face. These then terminate inside connectors like LC, FC, ST, SC and Mil contacts (294504/4/5).

The common connector reliability issues of signal degradation due to dirt and mechanical wear are easily overcome. This technology is ideal for assuring high optical signal integrity in all harsh environments including: exposures to dust contamination, immersion, high vibration, shock, and explosion. Applications for the technology include tactical military systems, naval communications (especially UNDEX) , harsh industrial, and all types of aviation.

Micro Expanded Beam (MEB)

Key Features

  • Unique technology using GRIN fiber

  • Low sensitivity to lateral and axial movements.

  • Resistant to dust, vibration, shock, and water

  • Easy to clean and repair

  • For use in all industry standard connectors 

  • Can be field or factory mounted using an automated splicing tool

Expanded Beam 
Traditional Ball Lens

OFP’s team are pioneers in the design of Ball Lens Expanded Beam Connectors and have more than 30 years’ experience and multiple patent assignments.

We manufacture a broad range of MIL-PRF-83526/20 & /21 Mil standard harnesses and spool assemblies along with components and assemblies compatible with all the global standards for these hermaphroditic connectors.


In recent years OFP has also added design and manufacturing of ‘bespoke’ Ball Lens Expanded Beam Connectors and Termini, for applications such as remote robotic operation, naval, subsea and hybrid electro-optical applications. They are highly immune to dirt, dust, vibration and mechanical wear including connector misalignments.

Traditional Ball Lens Expanded Beam
Traditional Ball Lens Expanded Beam
Traditional Ball Lens Expanded Beam

Key Features

  • Harnesses and components for all hermaphroditic connector standards (TE, Cinch/Stratos, Amphenol, Glenair)

  • Single to 16F designs

  • Singlemode, multimode and hybrid electrical connectors

  • Ball lens expanded beam termini

  • Bulkheads with integrated active optics

  • Custom connector designs and shells

  • Custom fiber spools

Secure Locking Connectors 

OFP's Patented Secure Connectivity Products cover the most common fiber connector types: LC, SC, and RJ45. The connectors use a proprietary physical locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access or changes to ports. Once the connector is inserted into the port, it can only be removed with a matching color-coded key. This added dimension of physical security is especially useful in Military, Federal, Healthcare, Co Lo Data Centers, or WAN/LAN networks. The products help control network changes and create demarcations for network administrators. 

The entire product range is extremely easy to use and requires no formal training. No changes are required to patch-panels or port hardware. Tamper-proof cabling can be delivered by simple retro-fitting OFP's secure patchcords to pre-existing network ports. 

Secure Locking LC Connectors

Key Features

  • Tamper proof (only unplugged with a key tool)

  • Color coded with physically unique custom designs 

  • Available administrator tool 

  • Port blocker version can be used as "dummy plugs" 

  • SLC connectors have special dust caps to ensure cleanliness

  • Meet IEC & TIA connector interface standards

IP Rated Connectors 
(Duplex LC)

OFP's rugged Duplex LC provides unique protection of the fiber connection interface with the shells mated. 

  • Mechanical & Environmental protection for LCs on drums 

  • Protection during install deployment 

  • IP-68 qualified 

OFP's IP-68 rated LC is the only duplex unibody LC designed to terminate directly to Mil & Broadcast type fiber cables.

  • Features unique metal rear shell on LC Duplex with tough metal release arm

  • Kevlar from rugged cable crimps directly to LC and incorporates rugged boot

Ip Rated Duplex LC Connector

Key Features

  • Fully IEC/TIA Compliant 

  • Meets all industry standards for optical and mechanical performance 

  • Available in Singlemode and Multimode

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