History and Overview

Optical Fiber Packaging Ltd was founded in February 2016. The startup team is the same as the founders that began Advanced Fiber Products, an optical manufacturing company formed in December 2007 and sold to TE Connectivity in February 2016. OFP is a carve-out of a part of AFP, thus allowing a continuation of 35+ years of excellence in the field of fiber optic technologies. In April 2017, OFP Corp., a US corporation, was formed in Chicago, IL to better serve North American markets.

Optical Fiber Packaging Haverhill, UK HQ Lobby

The company’s roots and management team have a history extending back to the 1980s and Europe’s first independent mass production fiber harness house, that concentrated on global Telecommunications and Military markets servicing many prestigious end customers such as JDSU, Nortel, British Telecom, Deutsch Telecom, Telefonica, BAE, Marconi and Cable Wireless.

Fiber Optic Transceivers

The company is located in the same building as the original AFP organization, and has already made significant new investments in additional clean rooms, modern optical manufacturing equipment, environmental test and qualification facilities, and owns a broad IP portfolio that continues to grow. OFP will be further expanding its UK manufacturing and engineering facilities in 2017/18.

OFP is partnered with a number of volume manufacturing companies in China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and South America, to broaden its capability for ‘best value to our customers’ mass production onshore and offshore, and to expand its technological reach. The executive and management team is known worldwide for its depth of Fibre Optics assembly expertise, along with its design development and unique manufacturing capabilities.