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MPO Breakout Cable

MPO cables are high-density fiber optic cables used in data centers and other high-speed network environments.


MPO to 4 x duplex LC breakout cables fan out a single 40Gbps connection from a 40G Base-SR4 QSFP+ optical transceiver module to four 10Gbps LC SFP+ optical transceiver modules, while the 12 fiber type is used in 10G networks. The MPO to LC breakout/fanout cable is also an economic solution for a smaller network environment with less complicated equipment. The MPO breakout/fanout cable allows high fiber counts to be managed into one round cable for short distance transport. Typical applications are for 8, 12, 24 and up to 144 fibers. To protect the breakout cable in a harsher environment, armored type multicore cables are available.

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  • Data Centre Infrastructure

  • Storage Area Network – Fiber Channel

  • Parallel Optics 10Gbps, 25Gbps and emerging 40Gbps, 100Gbps Protocol

Standards Compliance

  • EIA/TIA-455-21A

  • TIA 604-5 (FOCIS 5)

  • Telcordia GR-326-CORE

  • IEC61754-7


  • 0.35dB for all MM, SM Low Loss 0.35dB & Standard Loss 0.60dB

  • 100% Interferometer Test

  • OFP brand connector kits

  • IEC 61754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 Compliant for MPO/MTP interfaces

MPO-LC 12F OM3.png

MPO Cable Types

MPO-LC 12F OM3.png
MPO-LC 12F OM4.png
MPO-LC 12F SM.png
MPO to LC 8F OM3 Breakout Cable
MPO to LC 8C OM4 Harness Cable
MPO to LC 8F SM Breakout Patch Cord
MPO to LC SM 12F Fanout Cable
MPO to LC 12F OM4 Fanout Patch Cord
MPO-LC 12F SM.png

MPO-LC 4xDuplex 8F Breakout Patch Cable


OM3 & OM4 types MPO-LC breakout cable are very standard products in many markets. Both Cyan and Magenta colors are used for OM4 cable, either option is available. MPO/MTP breakout cables can be built with up to 144 fibers. The most common types are 8, 12 and 24. 8F breakouts are usually supplied with 4 LC duplex connectors, because they connect directly with SFP transceivers.


Breakout Chart 1.JPG

Optical Performance

optical properties.JPG

Quality Process

Domaille Polishing
Interferometer Test
Optotest IL/RL Test
Polarity Test
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