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OFP's Pressure Testing Services

Pressure Testing Vessel being Prepared
Pressure Testing Vessel being Prepared

Optical Fiber Packaging (OFP) has the capability to pressure test and qualify your design to pressures up to 40kpsi (2650 bar). For comparison, the deepest part of the ocean only reaches 15kpsi (1000 bar). Our pressure testing services help customers have the peace of mind that their product is reliable and performs up to spec.

· Parts can be tested in ambient conditions or across a temperature range of -20C to +150C.

· Our test fixtures can fit parts up to 38mm diameter, or, if needed, we can design and manufacture fixtures to fit a larger diameter.

· Parts can be tested using water or oil as the pressurising media.

· Test fixtures can be designed to constrain the part exactly as it would be in service, including electron beam or laser welding into housings.

· Test fixtures can also be designed so the part can reach the qualification pressure without any damage, ensuring 100% of your batch can be properly tested.

· All pressure data is recorded and can be saved in report form or Excel graphs.

· Parts can be tested up to qualification pressures, or even past, to destruction.

· Cyclic pressure testing is also available!

Parts designed with Stainless, Inconel shells, and Alloy 52 pins can reach such high pressures due to the compression seal created by the mismatch in the thermal expansions between the materials. Glass is extremely strong in compression, and can resist the stress of being ‘squeezed’ by the outer shell. This force results in a conductor which is held very tightly in place while under pressure. Whereas, an epoxy seal can only withstand a few thousand PSI, glass-to-metal seals can withstand many thousands of PSI under a wide range of temperatures.

If you would like to learn more about OFP and how we can provide optical and electrical hermetic feedthroughs, visit or email Our experienced team of engineers will work with you to create a bespoke solution to your hermetic sealing needs.

Panel Used to Control the Pressure Testing Vessel
Panel Used to Control the Pressure Testing Vessel

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