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OFP's New MT/MPO Solutions

Optical Fiber Packaging offers a diverse portfolio of MT/MPO Solutions with the fastest lead times in the industry and the capacity to satisfy large volume demands. All the MT/MPO products are specifically created with a high-density design in-mind, allowing for quick and easy installation while simultaneously saving space and increasing data transmission capacity. Our solutions are perfect for applications such as telecom and enterprise networks, data centers, optical switch interframes, high-performance computing, and within transceivers.

Supporting from 8 to 48 fiber, OFP’s MPO Connectors provide quick and reliable interconnections with a guide pin and push-on/pull-off mechanism for easy installation and maintenance. The connector housings are available in a diverse range of the most commonly requested colors, such as cyan, magenta, green, and yellow. We also have a “flex boot” housing version, as well as a connector with a pull-tab, for customers who have difficult-to-reach connection points.

We also offer both standard and custom harnesses/cable assemblies. From standard commodity assemblies, such as the MPO to 4x Duplex LC, to more complex custom harnesses up to 144 fibers, all of our cable assemblies are compliant with industry standards. All assemblies are 100% interferometry tested, and deliver a low loss of 0.35 dB max for both MM and SM. Our meticulous Quality Control processes require all assemblies to go through Domaille polishing, interferometry testing, Optotest IL/RL testing, and polarity testing.

In addition to connectors and cabling, OFP also offers ferrules and adapters. The MT ferrules hold and align multiple fibers in a compact form factor, providing improved optical performance while minimizing any loss of light. All of our ferrules and guide-pins are produced and inspected with Japanese test technology, including equipment from Yagishita Giken and Union Tool. We offer both regular versions, from 12 to 32 fiber, as well as special “short” ferrules, with a more compact form factor of 1.25mm x 4mm. Meanwhile, our adapters are available in both flanged and flangeless variants.

To learn more, and to inquire regarding part numbers, pricing, and delivery, please contact us at 

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