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OFP begins production of hermetic glass-to-metal-seals

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

OFP's room for glass-to-metal seals used in electrical hermeticity.

Download our data sheet and read more at:

Since our original announcement in October 2020 that our team would be adding glass-to-metal sealing to our product range and capabilities, we have been hard at work producing, testing, and qualifying parts. OFP has hired experienced engineers, added equipment, and created a special production cell within its Haverhill facility that brings the glass-to-metal sealing programme completely in house. The first set of manufactured and qualified parts have been completed and are fully supported by a rigorous testing programme. The finished batches have demonstrated that the products have achieved hermeticity across a range of materials combinations, including Inconel, Stainless, Alloy 52, and Kovar.

A few batches of glass-to-metal sealed electrical hermetic products.

OFP will be building on this initial development by conducting a full range of environmental testing including: thermal cycling, thermal shock, and hydrostatic pressure tests.

Bringing the glass-to-metal sealing process in-house for electrical feedthroughs allows us to control our supply chain, shorten lead times, and offer a larger assortment of solutions for applications where there are harsh environments, high pressures, and high temperatures. OFP also now has the unique advantage of being able to blend electrical and optical feedthroughs into one package, saving space and simplifying bulkheads and enclosures.

OFP's glass-to-metal sealed electrical hermeticity products are easy to customize and are tailor made.

If you would like to learn more about OFP and how we can provide optical and electrical hermetic feedthroughs, visit or email Our experienced team of engineers will work with you to create a bespoke solution to your hermetic sealing needs.

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