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  • Misha Stouklov

OFP Adds Electrical Hermeticity using Glass-to-Metal Seal Technology

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Download our data sheet and read more at:

Electrical Hermetic Feedthroughs are now available from OFP, the world’s largest producer of fiber optic hermetic seals and fiber connectivity products.

We have put together a team of veterans in the electro-hermetic field at our Haverhill, UK location. Production will begin in December of this year, and we will be expanding our capabilities further into 2021. Today, the product portfolio includes:

· Compression and matched CTE glass-to-metal seals

· Pressure ratings up to 40kpsi

· Shell materials in Stainless and Inconels

· Pin materials in Alloy 52, Inconel, and Kovar

· Leak rates down to 1x10-10 cc/sec

· Temperature rating -55°C to +300°C

· Hybrid Electro / Optical feedthroughs

OFP’s competitive advantages are:

· Lower production costs

· High quality

· Agile development and transfer to production

· Responsive sales support

Hybrid Electrical Feedthrough

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