• Misha Stouklov

OFP Adds Electrical Hermeticity

Electrical Hermetic Feedthroughs are now available from OFP, the world’s largest producer of fiber optic hermetic seals and fiber connectivity products.

We have put together a team of veterans in the electro-hermetic field at our Haverhill, UK location. Production will begin in December of this year, and we will be expanding our capabilities further into 2021. Today, the product portfolio includes:

· Compression and matched CTE glass-to-metal seals

· Pressure ratings up to 40kpsi

· Shell materials in Stainless and Inconels

· Pin materials in Alloy 52, Inconel, and Kovar

· Leak rates down to 1x10-10 cc/sec

· Temperature rating -55°C to +300°C

· Hybrid Electro / Optical feedthroughs

OFP’s competitive advantages are:

· Lower production costs

· High quality

· Agile development and transfer to production

· Responsive sales support

Hybrid Electrical Feedthrough


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