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Hermetic TROSA Receptacle

Hermetic TROSA Receptacle
Hermetic TROSA Receptacle Description

OFP's TROSA hermetic receptacle feedthroughs are designed to solder directly to miniature TX/RX "gold box" devices to provide full hermeticity and present standard duplex LC ports. 

Designed with patented features to allow for easy gold box integration and available with removable LC interface port for maintenance. 

Typical Specifications
  • Typical IL < .15 dB

  • Typical ORL - 55 dB SM

  • Visual end face criteria to IEC-61300-3-35

  • Exceeds difficult 'wiggle test' criteria 

  • 90 deg, angled, cleaved and lensed fiber tips available for chip coupling

  • 2.5 mm minimum fiber bend radius available for fiber tip

Key Features
  • Fully hermetic LC receptacle 

  • Precision LC SM interface port 

  • Meets & exceeds Telcordia GR-326

  • Custom designs available to suit customer TX & RX applications

  • Available with integrated miniature isolator

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