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Miniature LC Duplex Receptacles for Active Devices

Mini-Duplex LC Receptacles
Mini-Duplex LC Receptacles Description

OFP's Mini Adapters avoid the use of traditional cable or BTW LC connectors within pluggable modules like transceivers, which typically contain pigtailed fibers. 

This space saving allows the customer to maximize 'real estate' for other critical opto-electronic hardware and fiber components. 

Customer Options

OFP's Mini Adapters can be customized to suit many applications: 

  • Polymer choices & color options

  • Die-cast versions

  • Various ferrule retentions

  • Different flange positions and mounting options

Key Features
  • Single mode & multimode

  • Available with EMI/EMF shielding polymer

  • Telcordia GR326 qualified

  • UL-94, V0 rated

  • Available as kits and/or with miniature pigtails for active device side

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