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Micro Lenses

World's Smallest Fiber Optic Collimators

What are OFP's Micro Lenses?

OFP's Micro Lens products offer the smallest and most cost effective collimating and/or focusing approach for single mode fibers. 

Seamlessly, a short 125 um component allows light from telecom/datacom fibers to be collimated, thus enabling low cost integration of most of the traditional functions in the package. 

This technology also enables very low loss splicing of dissimilar fibers in optical devices. 

The solution provides a low cost replacement for legacy expanded beam technologies.

Micro Fiber Optic collimator

SMF-28, ZBL, UHNA, PM fiber

Key Features
  • 0.2 dB coupling loss per SM lens

  • Collimating and focusing options

  • Customized working distances and beam properties

  • Fits into standard precision ferrules, V-grooves, and MT ferrules 

  • 0 to 15 degree lens tip cleave

125 um diameter lens

Custom Options
  • Input fiber: UHNA, SMF-28E+, ZBL, PM 

  • Collimating/focal distance

  • Flat or angle cleave

  • AR coating

  • Insertion loss 
  • Back Reflection/Return Loss 

  • Beam Diameter

  • Integration into ferrule: LC, ST, MT, etc... 

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