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IP-68 Duplex LC Connector

IP-68 duplex LC connector
IP-68 Duplex LC COnnector
IP-68 Duplex LC Connector Description

OFP's rugged Duplex LC provides unique protection of the fiber connection interface with the shells mated. 

  • Mechanical & Environmental protection for LCs on drums 

  • Protection during install deployment 

  • IP-68 qualified 

OFP's IP-68 rated LC is the only duplex unibody LC designed to terminate directly to Mil & Broadcast type fiber cables.

  • Features unique metal rear shell on LC Duplex with tough metal release arm

  • Kevlar from rugged cable crimps directly to LC and incorporates rugged boot

  • Fiber to the antenna (cell tower applications)

  • Military

  • Outside broadcast

  • Studio broadcast

  • Industrial premise

  • Shipboard

Key Features
  • Fully IEC/TIA compliant

  • Meets all industry standards for optical and mechanical performance

  • Available in Singlemode and Multimode 

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