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Telecom & Enterprise Fiber Optic Hermetic Assemblies

Why use our assemblies?

Our low melting point glass (LMPG), forms a "glass to metal" seal, is the de-facto choice for the highest performance hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs, hermetic fiber penetrators, and hermetic fiber connectors. It allows fibers to maintain hermeticity over a very wide operating pressure (vacuum to 30 kpsi) and temperature (-55C to +200C) ranges. Since 2001, OFP group has shipped more than 2.5 million high reliability, 100% sealed assemblies for all fiber types (SM, MM, PM, ZBL, etc). 

Our Single Fiber Hermetic Assemblies are used as pigtails for hermetic component packaging. They can easily be soldered into conventional packages using standard techniques. With leak rates well better than 10-9 cc-atm/sec across all operating conditions, OFP's products exceed any industry's hermeticity requirements.

Multi-fiber hermetic assemblies are OFP's "claim to fame." Commonly used across most markets and applications such as WSS, high-speed actives, switches, integrated optics, they are normally configured for 2 to 72 fibers. ODM services and custom configurations are available upon request.

Hermetic Fiber Optic Assembly
hermetic fibers_edited.png
Key Features
  • Glass to Metal Seal Technology

  • Off the shelf and custom sizes

  • -55 C to +200 C temp range 

  • Harsh environment resistant

  • SM, MM, PM, and Rad Hard Fibers

  • Hybrid electrical + optical available 
  • Up to 72 fibers!

  • Telecom

  • Datacom

  • Aviation

  • Sensors

  • Submarine Telecom

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Industrial

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