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Machined Components for Optronics

Machined Components Description
Product Types
Gold Box Package
Machined Gold Box Package

OFP offers a wide range of packaging components for optical and micro-electronic applications.

All of our products are machined to a high precision; we also provide rapid prototyping and fast-scaling to mass production. 


Many value added services are available such as hermetic sealing of pins and post-machining  assembly.

  • Oxygen free copper

  • Lead brass

  • Aluminum Alloy 

  • Kovar Alloy

  • Hard Alloy

Surface Treatment
  • Polishing

  • Sand blasting

  • Plating

  • Anodic Oxidation

  • Laser

  • Metal hermetics packages

  • High speed optical structures

  • TOSA/ROSA components

  • Kovar tubes

  • All-in-one structures

  • Heat sinks

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