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Fiber Shaping: Cleaving, Lensing, AR Coating

Cleaved fiber optic assembly
Lensed fiber optic assembly
Cleaved Fiber Assemblies

OFP has pioneered high performance cleaving of fibers using computer controlled rapid CO2 laser abation technologies to cut the angles with high accuracy to form miniature 'optical' interfaces at the end of optical fibers. These enable high efficiency coupling while limiting back reflections.

OFP's technical expertise, leading packaging capabilities, and quality control set the company apart from its competitors. OFP offers a complete packaging solution for cleaved fiber assemblies with the addition of AR coating, metallization, hermetic ferrules, and connectors.

Lensed Fiber Assemblies

OFP's fiber lensing technology is able to cut Conical and Wedge lenses to multiple geometries directly on the fiber core. These enable customizable high efficiency coupling to many emitter and detector types.

OFP also offers traditional 'polished' lenses for specific application types. OFP offers all lensed assemblies with AR coating, metallization, hermetic ferrules, and connectors. 

Key Features
  • Cleave angles 0-50 degrees

  • Angular tolerance <+/- 1 degree

  • Super smooth ideal cleave surface

  • Superior angle repeatability 

  • Single or multi-fiber assemblies

  • Any type of SMF, MMF, PM fiber

  • Conic and CLF (Wedge) lenses

  • Customized lens shaping for optimal coupling power

  • All ablated fiber shapes can be AR coated

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