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Fiber Optic Isolator - World's Smallest

Fiber Optic Isolator
Fiber Optic Micro Isolator Description

OFP's Micro Fiber Optic Isolators are the smallest and most cost effective products on the market.

Based on OFP's micro collimators and latching isolator chips, they can be mounted on 0.9x0.9 mm carriers or even packaged into LC split sleeves.

Passive alignment provides a very competitive cost base for the product. Any standard single mode fiber can be used to couple from or to the chip.

The solution is scalable from single to multiple channels in very compact V-groove platforms.

Customer Options
  • Input fiber - UHNA, SMF-28E+, ZBL PM

  • Target:

    • Isolation

    • Wavelength range

    • Temperature range

    • Insertion loss

    • Back reflection/return loss

  • Termination at chip - cleave, lens

  • Tall termination - LC, ST, MT

Key Features
  • Typical 0.8 dB insertion loss

  • 30 dB+ single stage and 50 dB+ dual stage isolation

  • Can be terminated with cleaved or lensed end

  • Fits in most packages

  • Latching design. Non-latching is also possible with minimal size addition

  • C-band or 1310 nm wavelength ranges are currently available

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