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OFP Mission: Customers first!

Leveraging more than 30 years of pure fiber optic manufacturing experience, the team at OFP’s Mission is to deliver Specialty Fiber Optic assemblies, Components and Integrated Optical Solutions with the highest quality, the best designs and most innovative engineering content for their applications.

To assure this overall grade of service, OFP’s team strives to work very closely with its customers' engineers from the birth of new projects through qualification to product launch. OFP’s manufacturing capabilities include rapid prototyping, manufacturing qualification support and mass production, benefiting from UK and highly cost competitive global facilities and partnerships.

The principle markets for OFP's service includes Telecommunications, Enterprise, Medical, Industrial and Sensing.

December 2020

OFP adds hermetic electrical feedthroughs and connectors to their product portfolio.


Mar 10-12, 2020

OFP exhibited at the OFC 2020 conference in San, Diego California.

Feb 14, 2019

OFP has passed ISO:9001 certifications with flying colors.

Sept 7, 2017

OFP goes to ECOC 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Optical Fiber Packaging's Haverhill, UK facilities




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  • Micro Lenses

  • Hermetic Fiber Tail Assemblies

  • Micro Isolators

  • Fiber Shaping/AR Coating

  • Submarine Hermeticity

  • FVAs and Transceivers

  • Hermetic Micro Isolators

  • Oil and Gas Solutions

  • Gold Box Packages

  • Smart Adapters

  • Custom Expanded Beam

  • TROSA/OSA Receptacles

  • Harsh Environment Connectors

  • Secure Connectivity

  • MT Connections/Terminations

  • IP-68 Duplex LC Connector

  • Qualification Services

  • Rapid Prototyping

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